Customer Projects

Please feel free to submit images of projects constructed by you with our Juniper wood slabs

The following 3 images were submitted by Michael Comfort

For a truly amazing finish on your Juniper Slab take a look at how our customer Michael Comfort did his.



Michael Comfort -
"After doing a LOT of research online, I went with East Coast Resin. It is sold through Walmart with free shipping! What sold me was the no odor, low VOC and lower price than any other comparable brands. I got a product off the shelf at Home Depot first, but took it back because I couldn't use it without a lot of ventilation/evaporation. I would have to wait for warmer weather to even start!"



The following 2 images were submitted by Mark Needham

The following 2 images were submitted by Larry Wiltrout

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The following project was submitted to Ashley McGraw

Turqouize inlay with gloss resin finish